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Transforming Lives

In a world where wellness standards are evolving, Empower Fitness has pivoted to embrace this change. Our dedicated team prioritizes understanding your unique needs to craft a tailored program that not only transforms your body but also enriches your life.

At Empower Fitness, we believe in fostering deep and ongoing relationships with each member. Our coaches are committed to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable success. Through personalized guidance and continuous modifications, we empower you to thrive on your wellness journey.

Discover the difference personalized attention can make at Empower Fitness. Let us help you unlock your full potential and embrace a life of vitality and fulfillment.


Empower success stories!

It is time to stop spending time commuting to a gym or spending hours in fitness classes. Success is about eating real food, working out with a purpose, and living a full active life.

Try the program with a no-risk only results guarantee!

Meet Our Founder

Transforming Lives Through Personal Experience

With nearly three decades immersed in the fitness industry, our founder recognized the need for a wellness community focused on tangible results through personalized approaches. The journey began with a personal struggle – battling weight issues and realizing the necessity for a transformative shift.

At 50, faced with the need to pivot his own wellness plan, our founder embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Despite years of industry expertise, he recognized the importance of identifying and rectifying habits that hindered his well-being. Now, at 51, having embraced change, he reflects on a remarkable transformation – feeling rejuvenated and vibrant, akin to shedding 30 years in just one.

As both founder and client, he testifies to the efficacy of our program. The philosophy extends beyond professional commitment; it embodies personal conviction. Through shared experiences and collective strength, we foster a sense of unity and empowerment.

Join us for a complimentary coaching session, for together, we forge resilience and triumph.



Do you need personal coaching and accountability in order to reach your personal fitness goals, especially during COVID? Coaches are accessible to our members over Zoom, text, email, and phone to review the program and your goals.

Track your progress with a convenient app anywhere or anytime, and get cool fitness prizes for hitting your goals! All our coaches work together to make sure you’re staying on track.

Remote Training

Your Empower Coach will guide you through the remote program based on your current fitness level and focused on your goals. Remote training includes personal training yoga, stretch, foam rolling, cardio, video assessments, family support, and functional training.

Classes are live and tailored to each person in the class. Most classes are recorded and uploaded in your profile.

Did you love a class and don’t see it uploaded? Please, let us know and we will upload that class in your profile.

Meal planning

Diet will be just a four letter word after experiencing these delicious real food meals. We utilize favorite family recipes to create new healthy savory versions. Long term results will follow with a meal plan that satiates and is sustainable.

Entertain or just eat dinner with your kids on plan. Our new recipes include Chicken Fingers, Duck Fat Wings, Love Cookies, Winter Dal and more!