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about empower

Our mission

Empower Fitness’ mission is to foster a supportive community that makes it fun and motivating to stick to personal goals. Coaches develop deep and ongoing relationships with each member to tailor and modify plans that push through obstacles and find ways to continue to be successful. We help our members stay the course and we are stronger together.


What we do

We’ve embraced the lessons learned over these past months to create an interactive online fitness experience for our members. Our on-demand classes make it easier to find time to exercise while never losing the sense of community or personal interaction with our coaches.


A key component to success is accountability and nutrition. Members receive one on one coaching to create personalized Meal Plans and discuss their wellness journey. As a community, we come together for virtual cooking classes and lunch meetings that make eating healthy easier.

To keep the  monotony out of exercising, we encourage members to take advantage of the outdoors. Whether in person or virtually, we’ve organized snowshoeing, hikes and virtual 5Ks. With the warmer months coming, we are looking forward to feeling the sun on our face as we work together to get stronger and healthier.




meet the coaches

Meet the Empower Team. These professionals go above and beyond to create a healthy community.

We love working with you and our goal is to get you living a a healthy life outside the gym.

Nicole Kefalas

At eighteen years old, I started using fitness to manage my lupus… read more

Ayla Kavanaugh


Ayla comes to Empowerfitness with a lifetime passion for fitness and… read more

Annabelle Reyes
Yoga Instructor

Hi! My name is Annabelle Reyes and I am very excited about joining the Empower fitness community.

I am a very fortunate person because my mission has become my way of life and I am dedicated to sharing knowledge from different disciplines through teaching and learning.

read more

Blake Michaels


 Hi, my name is Blake! I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management from Florida State University and have years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

I have always had a passion for health, fitness and getting strong. read more

Meet Some of our members

Our community is stronger together.  We support and encourage each other through the challenges and successes we all experience.  We invite you to listen to their personal stories and experience with Empower.  We’d love to hear your success story next!


I was working at my job as the Chief of Neurology early in the pandemic, when I began to feel ill, but misattributed symptoms as stress. I became very ill, and was diagnosed and hospitalized urgently with acute leukemia/AML.I was treated for 7 months, with high dose chemotherapy, 80 days spent in a small hospital room, and finally entered remission, although physically, mentally and spiritually in a very dark place. I have had terrible relapse anxiety and symptoms of PTSD related to this illness.

I joined Empower to work on physical and mental health, and to be part of a community, coached by experts. I cant say enough about every teacher/coach and mentor at Empower. Nicole and Ayla deliver individualized, focus coaching, and understand everything about the members limitations, strengths and goals. I am looking forward to a stronger body, calm and compassionate mind, and I am now making goals for myself for the future, thanks to Empower.


Six Week Trial Member and Current Member

I just celebrated my 50th birthday! The weight started to come off and I could stick to it! Besides losing 9 pounds in the last 6 weeks, I feel really good. I’ve learned what is working for my body and when and how much I can indulge.

I need to be held accountable and Nicole is wonderful at it!

I love the Empower approach to health and happiness. Nicole and Ayla are an inspiration and I have learned a lot from them. My coach has really been able to provide a truly personalized approach to fitness and health. This is the real deal.


Founding Member and Current Member

I was trying to lose weight but gained instead. I was depressed, felt bad about myself and none of my clothes were fitting me

I have been a member for 3 1/2 weeks now. I have lost 9 pounds. I am walking 3 miles almost every day now, thanks to the encouragement from Nicole. The workouts are amazing and pain free. Nicole and Ayla are very careful with what you do and make the workouts fun! I was anxious about the meal plan at first. Nicole made it easy for me to follow and not be stressed about it. It’s awesome, fast and simple. The members are supportive and encouraging to each other. Great community!


Six Week Trial Member and Current Member

Empower has shown me that importance of community, support, perseverance, strength, weakness, and knowing that being healthy comes in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. I have been in super shape, in shape, and even a shape and it is ok -why because I am moving, eating healthy, and asking for help and support when needed. I may stray a week or 2 from “my plan”, but our community has the ability to understand when the time is right for a pick me up – a you got this -I am there with you –

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every trainer, every member, every workout, and every hysterical group text –


Founding Member and Current Member

I joined Empower fitness to gain a new lifestyle and to learn that it is truly a lifestyle change not a diet and not a fad.

I have lost over 20 pounds with Empower Fitness. This transformation experience has been life-changing with everything that I have gained from this journey. The people have been a community of support the staff are excellent resources and the recipes are amazing!

I truly endorse empower fitness if you are looking to change your life permanently.

I am can’t believe I am sticking with it!!


Current Member

Nicole’s exercise and diet guidance/advice comes from a place of caring deeply in my healthy lifestyle success. Since last March I’ve worked with her to make small but powerful changes. My recent blood work showed a lowered blood sugar and lowered risk factors for cardiovascular disease. I also eliminated a knee and hip pain by sticking with her mobility and cardio plan. Aging gracefully by staying active and eating healthy – thank you, Nicole.

Founding Member and Current Member