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Empower Your Journey, where we’ll guide you on a transformative 90-day experience designed to help you feel amazing, rejuvenated, and confident.

Join Thrive90: Empower Your Journey!

Program Details:

  • Thrive90: Empower Your Journey!

  • Duration: 90 Days 

Program Components:

🍎 Comprehensive Nutritional Guidance: Personalized meal plans, nutrition education, and support.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Structured Fitness Program: Cardio, strength training, yoga, stretching/rehabilitation and interval training. Customized and interactive for all fitness levels.

😴  Holistic Wellness Experience:Meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction, and sleep quality improvement.

📓 Behavioral Change Strategies: Sustainable lifestyle modifications and overcoming barriers. 

📉 Incentives and Motivation: Milestone rewards, fitness challenges, and group support.

💃 Continued Support and Maintenance:
Learn how to maintain results for a lifetime.

We’re excited to invite you to join the Thrive90:

🎁 Exclusive Program Benefits:

✨ Free Initial Screening: Discover if our program is the perfect fit for you through a personalized evaluation.

✨ Tailored Coaching Session: Experience a one-on-one coaching session to understand how our program can address your unique needs.

✨ Results Guarantee: Your investment is secure. If you don’t achieve the promised results, we’ll refund your program cost, no questions asked.

✨ Interactive Remote Fitness Sessions: Join invigorating fitness sessions from the comfort of your home, making health a priority during the holidays.

Workout With a Purpose: Each workout is crafted to align with your goals, ensuring that your efforts translate into tangible results.

Weekly Private Coaching Sessions: Receive dedicated one-on-one time with your coach to discuss progress, challenges, and strategies for success.

Recipe Book and Holiday Meal Coaching: Enjoy a curated recipe book and expert coaching to navigate festive meals without compromising your health goals.


Are you motivated to feel amazing in 2024?

It begins today.

Programs are customized for all fitness levels.

We meet you where you are.

What are people saying

The Empower community is feeling healthier…you can too.

I could go on and on because I feel Nicole – with her incredibly positive spirit, high energy and sophisticated understanding of training and coaching- is a gift in my life. When I found her this recent time and realized I could actually work out with her I felt like it was a gift from heaven. It couldn’t have fit my needs more perfectly and it still does. At this point in my life I feel like I could work out with this program forever. (previous client fiinding new success)

Client for 2 years, Down 15 pounds

Class was excellent with good mix of move, strength and cardio exercises. Nicole is great to adjust exercises on the fly based on needs. (founding member)

Client for 4 years, Down 50 pounds

This program is exceptional for the personalized approach and the supportive and caring environment. In addition, the program is set up for living in the real world, where you incorporate activity into day-to-day tasks and enjoy good food.

Do it! It’s such a positive experience. You and the instructors really care for our well-being and will help every step of the way. (previous client finding new success)

Kate C.

Client for 2 years

I have lost over 30 pounds with Empower Fitness. This transformation experience has been life-changing with everything that I have gained from this journey. The people have been a community of support, the staff are excellent resources, and the recipes are amazing! I joined Empower Fitness to gain a new lifestyle, and to learn that it is truly a lifestyle change not a diet and not a fad.

I endorse Empower Fitness if you are looking to change your life permanently. – (preious client finding new success)


Client for 3 years, Down 85 pounds

Recovering from Covid and a health scare with the best team in town. Helping me regain strength and confidence in my body. Thank you Empower Fitness! 


Client for 3 years

I was trying to lose weight but gained instead. I was depressed, felt bad about myself and none of my clothes were fitting me

I have been a member for years. I have lost 50 pounds. I am walking 3 miles almost every day now, thanks to the encouragement from Nicole. The workouts are amazing and pain free. The team are very careful with what you do and make the workouts fun! I was anxious about the meal plan at first. Nicole made it easy for me to follow and not be stressed about it. It’s awesome, fast and simple. The members are supportive and encouraging to each other. Great community! (previous client finding new success)


Client for 3 years, Down 50 pounds

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