Staying healthy over the weekend at home

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Winter and Girl Scout Cookie season can be a dangerous combination for anyone living in New England. With the right plan you could create your own personal spa experience at home and be healthy during a winter storm at home.

Join Empower and learn how to be healthy and hibernate at home.

Tip Number One

When you are motivated, commit to a mantra for the day that will keep you on track.

Like breath work, “the mantra takes you away from thought processes [your internal dialogue],” 

“There are moments where there is no mantra and no thought. These moments are referred to as transcendence.”-

Deepak Chopra, MD,

Here are some examples

“I will feel better”

“I deserve to be healthy”

“Healthy is not boring”

Repeat the mantra during the day as you are feeling less motivated.

Tip Number Two

Have a meal plan for the day. 

Sit down and pre-plan the day that includes 100 grams of protein with minimal calories. This will allow some flexibility with food choices. Make sure there is a plan to purchase the ingredients for the day.

Don’t worry about being perfect. The biggest mistake people make is restricting calories for most of the day and losing control at 3 pm. Take back your control by eating healthy delicious foods.

Tip Number Three

Set simple attainable healthy goals for a quiet indoor day.

I will drink 40 oz of water within 2 hours after waking up.

I will do the morning yoga video in my pajamas before coffee

I will practice yoga before each meal

I will read a book

I will try a new healthy recipe as a fun activity 

Create your healthy habit schedule for the day.

Everyone needs a restorative day. Focus on a new routine to make an indoor day a healthy day. Make your home a healthy sanctuary. 


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