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How can I train with Empower Fitness?

There are many ways to train with coaches. We have a robust hybrid program with international and local coaches. Remote classes and training sessions are easily accessed with app or desktop. Outdoor classes will be offered to local members. All outdoor classes will be taught by vaccinated coaches and respect COVID guidelines. Review video for more details.

How does the nutrition program work?

Nutrition coaching is customized for each member. Some members design a meal plan with their coach. Some members like to wing it and send photos of all food choices. The coaches promote real food recipes and have hundreds of options in the members only recipe book. Members can request recipes that coaches will modify to make it work with the program.

This is an example of a seasonal meal plan. We do modify the options for each member. We have vegan and vegetarian options. Coaches meet with members weekly to review customized meal plans and modify it based on weigh-ins, measurements, and photos.

Owner and Founder of Empower Fitness,

Nicole Kefalas


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